i on Hunger

Protiviti’s global service program reflects our values and beliefs. The i on Hunger program allows us to give back to our communities through the organizations we serve, creating a lasting impact on recipients. It also helps our organization deepen relationships and create exceptional experiences for our people and clients. With a spotlight on sustainable impact, we aim to improve food availability, quality and utilization as well as attack root causes of hunger, thus reducing demand. We will continue to increase our efforts to help those in need as we have an ongoing commitment to the program, because we know that hunger doesn't stop – and neither do we!

Key Achievements

  • Partners

    150 Partners

  • Participating Countries

    21 Participating Countries

  • Meals Delivered

    7,687,931 Meals Delivered

In Our Culture

  • 100 Best Furtune

    An external survey found that 95% of Protiviti employees feel good about the ways they contribute to the community.

  • Partners

    The clients we work with are central to our success. More than 245 client organizations from around the world have participated in i on Hunger activities to work with us to address global hunger.

  • iCare

    Click here to read more about i on Hunger in our parent company Robert Half’s Corporate Citizenship Report.

  • CEO

    "The camaraderie was phenomenal. I think our employees felt good about what they had achieved together, and so did our clients."
    Protiviti President and CEO Joe Tarantino quoted in FORTUNE on March 15, 2016

Exceeding Expectations in the First Year

Take a look at the program’s inaugural year of providing over
a million meals to hungry people around the world.

Impacting Lives

  • CEO Joe Tarantino’s Commentary on i on Hunger

  • Giving Back to Our Communities

  • The Journey to 1M Meals and Beyond

  • 2016 Recipe for Success

  • IOH Program Reaches 5 Million Meals!

Impacting More Than Meals

  • Recipients

    Seeing the meals we provide to over 30 countries in action is what it’s all about.

  • Organizations We Serve

    We strive to help organizations achieve their goals.

  • Our People

    While we’re helping those in need, these efforts are creating a lasting impact on our people as well.

Join The Fight Against Hunger